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Problems That Fix Themselves with Phone Home, Newport Stress and These Guys These Guys

Fri. 03/08 | 8:00PM

I like it
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Event Details
THESE GUYS THESE GUYS - These Guys These Guys was formed in the summer of '07, those bygone days when men were men and women were also men. Drummer Pete Kosmal and guitarist Jake Szafranski were looking for a "good time," as well as someone to play some music with. They found both in Branden Johnson, a mutual friend. Johnson could play the piano a little bit, so they thought, "Why not?" and got their music on. The arrival of bassist Emily Ward brought lower notes and a touch of irony to the name These Guys These Guys.

- Phone Home's music is very melodic and sometimes sorta spacey (especially when things get all vibraphone-y) and often a little math rock-y when it kicks it up a notch, and it's always pretty perfectly pleasant to listen to. Phone Home is what you should put on when you want your mood to even out a little. In other words, this isn't music to RAGE to. This is music to gaze at the stars to (or, you know, music to listen to while working on your novel or something).

- Newport Stress is a unique Hip Hop duo on the rise, out of Dobbs Ferry, They have recently appeared on the Most Hated Radio Show, The Uptown Cartel Radio Show and the Hugz and Kisses Radio Show. The duo consists of friends "Mann D", Dan Marrone and Joe Christian aka "Joey Christ". Newport Stress musical collaboration began at a local party when Dan, who had already gained an interest in making Hip Hop Music, heard Joe free-styling. The duo began making songs together shortly after and Newport Stress emerged, priding themselves on professional, self made, production quality and powerful vocal delivery with honest rhymes.

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